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What you need to know about the present day

Post-Fordism has taught us, since the last century, that it is the market that directs production, and not the other way around.

The public triumph of some major marketing-oriented brands has shown us that collective taste and desire are substantial economic leverages, however ephemeral, capable of determining the success and spread of a product, or its rapid failure.

The Digital Revolution and the rise of the Information Age has impacted society as a whole by creating a short-circuit between the consumption of intangible goods and the creation of meaning, taste, and significance capable of directing the economy far beyond any predictable materialistic logic.

Recurrent crises of industrial overproduction have paved the way for an economy of superfluous goods driven exclusively by fashion, also known as widespread public desire.

The public imaginary is the central locus of taste production; and the Internet offered a magmatic environment in which to represent subcultures and circulate ideas, giving rise to a media that was for the first time authentically international, able of influencing individuals everywhere.

The dialectic of the market, the exchange between producers and consumers, has never been more dynamic.

It is not possible to desire something that one does not know.

Therefore, tangible goods must make themselves public, learning to attract consumers in a production environment now increasingly saturated with supply.

At the same time, the consumption of intangible goods has never been more widespread and intense.

Information and entertainment are the most globally traded commodities, and the most produced at every level.

Every time you express your opinion on a social, every time you post a funny meme, every time you share a link.
Every time you act online you are the producer of information and entertainment for someone else.
The public dynamics responsible of generating meaning and desire are fragmented at the molecular level, and conveyed by the individual action of consumers themselves, made contextually object and subject of the digital industry.

Anyone can offer himself or herself as a subject capable of influencing the market in a given industry if he or she proves able to cultivate an audience of consumers willing to follow his or her tastes.

Influencer marketing has showed in recent years the extent to which taste targeting is able to act as a market leverage on the material production of goods.

The generation of public content has become a boundless marketing lever; in a context where entertainment and information come to merge, because they share the same currency.

Public attention, consumer desire, is the universal currency that is now spent every day on the digital marketplace, generating unprecedented economic spillovers on all branches of production.

Not least because younger generations derive the most important part of their subjective imagery from the Internet, and inevitably make the Internet itself the central place for the production of the public sense that can farm desire, which has been the main lever of marketing since the dawn of time.

If you have understood this you are already a step ahead, because you have understood how the present works.

If you have understood this you are ready to participate in this very modern present to shape a future that includes you, and that does so in an advantageous position.

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New meanings shape a
new world

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has changed many social parameters.
The Internet has imposed new models for production, distribution and consumption of information and goods.


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